Why is lead seal so popular?

by:Liaoseal     2021-10-02

Lead seals are disposable locks, and there is another name called Shiqiu. Now the main seal products include steel wire seals, plastic seals, high security seals, instrument seals, etc. Why are lead seals so popular?

1. Many industries. For example, logistics, petroleum, banks, supermarkets, and other industries worry about the inconvenience of their own goods management, but once they use lead seals, they will play a good role, because the seals can be printed on themselves The company's LOGO, serial number, code, two-dimensional code, etc., are easy to manage at a glance.

2. In the process of cargo transportation, the owner of the goods will worry that their goods will be opened or dropped without permission. After the use of lead seals, this phenomenon can be avoided to a large extent, because once the lead seal is damaged, it cannot be restored. There are also specially printed symbols on it, which is not so easy even if criminals want to prevent it.

3. The special printed information on the lead seal can also help the company that uses the blockade to play a certain publicity role, because the name, LOGO, or phone number of your company can be printed on the lead seal to let others know You can know whose goods it is by looking at it, and the publicity effect is also great.

4. Another advantage of the lead seal is that it is easy to manage. Unlike a key lock, which requires a lot of keys, the lead seal is not only convenient for sealing, but also more convenient for unpacking, and the handling after unpacking is not troublesome. Because it is a one-off.

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