Why should the container use the QR code lead seal

by:Liaoseal     2021-04-27
In recent years, with the rapid development of my country's foreign trade, port container throughput has continued to increase, and higher requirements have been placed on the efficiency of inbound containers. Although the application of intelligent bayonet technology meets this requirement to a certain extent, manual operation is still used in the inspection of heavy containers at the bayonet entrance, which has disadvantages such as high cost, low efficiency, and high safety risks. The container QR code seal and intelligent identification system introduced in this article uses a new type of seal based on QR code technology and installs an intelligent identification system with image capture function on the bayonet to automatically collect and identify the seal information to realize container heavy container lead The automatic sealing inspection function improves the informatization and automation level of port logistics. 1. QR code Two-dimensional code is a kind of code that uses a certain geometric figure to record data symbol information in a plane (two-dimensional direction) distributed in black and white according to the law of _. In terms of coding, clever use of the concept of '0 and 1' bit stream that forms the basis of the internal logic of the computer, several geometric shapes corresponding to the binary system are used to represent text and numerical information, and the image input device or photoelectric scanning device automatically Reading to realize automatic information processing. Foreign research on QR code technology began in the late 1980s. In terms of research on QR code symbol representation technology, a variety of symbologies have been developed, common ones are PDF417, QR Code, Code 49 and Code 161 (etc.). The United States, the European Union, etc. were the first to apply QR code technology to the document management of police, diplomatic, military and other departments. It has been widely used in customs and taxation departments for report and bill management, as well as commodities and goods in commerce and transportation departments. Transportation management, mail package management in the postal department, and industrial production line automation management in the field of industrial production, etc. The two-dimensional code can compile different code maps according to the amount of information and the different application function requirements. 2. QR code lead seal In the process of container transportation, the commonly used lead seal is the traditional high-secure lead seal. This type of lead seal is generally composed of a lock body and a lock rod. The lock body is the main information bearing location and generally prints several codes or bar codes. , Usually cylindrical. The high-protection lead seal is shown in Figure 1. High-safety Lead seal insert the lock rod into the lock body when using it and press it firmly. It is convenient and easy to use, sturdy, not easy to oxidize, rust, and hard to be destroyed. The two-dimensional code seal completely inherits the characteristics of the traditional high-security seal without major changes in structure. It is still composed of two parts: the lock body and the lock rod. The lock body is sprayed with the two-dimensional code pattern according to the required seal number , QR code information can be encrypted to prevent counterfeiting. The two-dimensional code seal is shown in Figure 2. The two-dimensional code lead blockade is innovatively designed into a triangular prism facade. The material is made of ABS engineering plastics and is frosted. It has the characteristics of light weight, pressure resistance, and good reflectivity. At the same time, the lock body is designed to prevent twisting, ensuring that the angle between the randomly sealed two-dimensional code surface and the camera's shooting axis is less than 30°, so that the camera can collect small-distorted two-dimensional code images and automatically recognize them. In addition, the fault-tolerant performance of the QR code itself can ensure that the code surface can be reliably identified when part of the code surface is missing or defaced. At present, the QR code seal has obtained the national utility model patent. 3. The economy of QR code seal With the development of port logistics, the demand for improving the safety of cargo in containers and the automatic collection of logistics information has become more prominent. It is a feasible way to carry corresponding functions through container seals. However, traditional high-security seals are difficult to meet demand due to the limitations of storing information and difficult reading. Therefore, it is a trend to upgrade traditional seals. At present, many ports are exploring the use of electronic seals based on radio frequency technology to replace traditional seals, but due to standards and cost constraints, they have not been able to promote and apply them in the container transportation industry. The two-dimensional code seal adopts the current mature two-dimensional code technology, and its structure is similar to the traditional seal. The production cost and use are not much different from the traditional seal. The seal manufacturer can make mass production with slight adjustments. Therefore, the two-dimensional code seal has better economy and applicability.
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