Detailed instructions for use of plastic seals

by:Liaoseal     2021-03-16
Plastic seals are the most widely used in lead seals. Plastic seals are also called cable ties and cable ties. According to raw materials, plastic seals can generally be divided into nylon seals, stainless steel seals, and plastic-sprayed stainless steel seals; There are various types of functional distinctions, such as general seals, retractable seals, sign seals, fixed lock seals, bolt seals, heavy tension seals, and so on. We all know that the plastic seal is a one-time lead sealing product, and can only be cut with bolt cutters after use, and cannot be used again after cutting. In daily life, it is common to use plastic seals to tie wires, or other things, because plastic seals have the function of stopping back, they can only be tied tighter. Fire rating of other plastic seals. Acid resistance, corrosion, excellent insulation, not easy to age, light weight, safe and non-toxic, strong endurance, the application method is very simple, just pass one end of the seal through the goods to be tied, and then pass the lock bar through the lock The head can be adjusted to an appropriate length. So its application field is very wide. For example: aviation, short-distance transportation, banks, containers, safe containers, etc. When disassembling the plastic seal, you only need to align the lock strip and cut it to complete the removal of the seal. The editor on plastic seals will analyze it for you today, and hope our article can be helpful to you.
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