Different types of locks have different characteristics

by:Liaoseal     2021-04-07
The lockdown is a kind of electric lock commonly used. Many people who have just entered the industry don't know what lockdown is. Today I will take you into the world of lockdown and have a whole new understanding of lockdown. Types of blockades are classified into one-off blockades, customs blockades, and electricity blockades. According to different purposes, customers will choose different materials made of different materials. For example: Considering the use of cost factors, you will choose products made with pure plastics. Assuming that the cost is not considered but safety is better, you will choose steel wire seals or high security seals. For the steel wire seal, the lock is generally made of zinc alloy or aluminum alloy, and then a steel wire is fixed. The high security seal uses A3 steel as the lock head and lock nail, but it is not a tension type, and is generally used for sealing containers or trucks. For example, electric power and water conservancy companies will choose special surface seals that combine plastic and thin steel wire ropes. The production process of plastic sealing is very cumbersome. Open the mold first, and then inject it on the injection molding machine. The material is ABS, and then use an ultrasonic machine to inlay the stainless steel card** and fix it. Finally, use a laser to type or use Stamping machine printing.
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