Do you know the structure of the steel wire seal?

by:Liaoseal     2021-05-17

The internal principle of the tightening steel wire seal is actually very simple. The inside of the lock body is fixed on the lock body by one end of the lock belt, and the other end of the lock belt is connected with a lock, and the lock body has a lock for the lock to penetrate. The lock body is provided with two oblique holes communicating with the counterbore, and each oblique hole is provided with a tension spring.

A steel ball is provided at the connection between each oblique hole and the counterbore. The steel ball is supported by the corresponding tension spring. The lock has two grooves that cooperate with the two steel balls to form a close lock. The two steps of the first groove at the front end of the head have chamfers. When applying the seal, make the lock belt pass through the sealed part of the package.

Put the lock head into the through hole on the lock body, so that the two steel balls in the lock body separate into the two grooves on the lock head, and the two steel balls separate and press the lock under the effect of the corresponding tension spring. In the two grooves on the head, fix the lock head to complete the sealing. After the cooperation of the two steel balls and the two grooves on the lock, the lock is determined to be more reliable.

Wire seals are used in a wide range of occupations, such as freight containers, freight trucks, trucks and other goods. Wire seals are different from general lead seals because of their structure and raw materials, making criminals want to copy from scratch Wire seals have become impossible, and eradicating the occurrence of copying or embezzlement can bring huge economic benefits to public utility companies.

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