Four coups allow you to quickly identify the quality of the lead seal!

by:Liaoseal     2021-09-22

Lead seal as a kind of anti-counterfeiting and anti-theft disposable lock is also facing the danger of being copied and cut. Today I will tell you four tips to easily distinguish the quality of the lead seal!

1. Look at the appearance: The appearance of good quality lead seals is generally galvanized, which not only looks good in color, but also paints properly and evenly, and there is no bubble generation.

2. Look at the material: For lead sealing materials, both copper and stainless steel are good materials for making lead seals, not only have good mechanical properties, but also wear resistance, but the cost of copper is relatively high. The materials generally used for making lead seals are powder metallurgy or tool steel.

3. Listen to the sound: The seal made of inferior materials is not only dull, but the good seal is the opposite.

4. Rely on the feel: the seal made of inferior materials is light in weight and does not feel good, while the high-quality seal has a better feel.

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