High security seals can also be called container seals

by:Liaoseal     2021-04-16
Following the continuous upgrading of lead seal products, many products have continuously developed new functions and characteristics. As one of the lead sealing products, Gaobao Seal has also been accustomed to the advancement of the age and developed new features. Laser marking on the seal has become more and more standard in the production of high-security seals. High security seals, also known as container seals, are the most commonly used lead seal products on containers, and can also be applied to trucks, vans, tankers, container trucks, and doors. Because of this, a series of codes or number segments are usually laser-engraved or stamped on the outer surface of the seal. High security seals generally use low-carbon steel as the main material of the lock body and lock head. The outer surface of the lock body is wrapped with ABS plastic to form a corrosion-resistant, high-hardness seal product. Laser engraving on the ABS plastic is much better than the hot stamping code. The hot stamping code cannot ensure that the number segment after engraving is clear and can not engrave the corresponding barcode. This is the disadvantage of the hot stamping code. The laser engraving on the high security seal can not only engrave the number section clearly and clearly, but also engrave the bar code, which raises a new level for anti-counterfeiting. The reason why high-security seals become a special lead seal product for containers is not only that it is safe and reliable for one-time sealing, but also that the laser engraving on the seals adds a layer of assurance to safety. The advantages of the high security seal: the highest permanent laser printing safety symbol 2. With the function of 'anti-rotationThe metal head effect of the pole is inserted into the groove of the metal head to achieve a closed effect.
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