How are plastic seals produced and what is the process?

by:Liaoseal     2021-08-05

Plastic lead seals are widely used, suitable for railway cargo boxes, truck doors, logistics transportation, banks, customs, fire extinguishers, food and beverages, etc., and play a certain role in the safety of goods. Our company's plastic seals are made of high-quality PP+PE materials, which have acid resistance, corrosion resistance and insulation, are not easy to age, and have strong bearing capacity.

So, what is its production process? Firstly, the PP+PE+color masterbatch material is stirred, and then it is added to the injection molding machine for injection molding, cooled, then assembled, the steel cover is added, and finally heated The edges are melted, and the plastic lead seal is produced in this way. We can make the conventional length of 100-700. Reminder: The larger the diameter, the greater the pulling force has nothing to do with the length.

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