How does plastic seal play an anti-counterfeiting effect?

by:Liaoseal     2021-10-11

How does a plastic seal play an anti-counterfeiting effect? Plastic seals (also called plastic cable ties) are a common lead seal product, usually used in aviation, freight, containers, food and chemical, warehouses, cash bags, postal parcels, safes, and other related industries. It is small in size and light in weight, suitable for packaging and sealing goods and equipment. The plastic seal is an accessory made of plastic, which is assembled in two parts. One end is a square plastic mouth with a hook-shaped elastic plastic buckle on the outside, and the other end is a plastic seal body with serrations.

Because the serrations on the seal body can be buckled with the elastic-plastic outside the plastic mouth, the plastic seal can play a very important role in firmness, and it is also very strong. The plastic seal is also made of superior flame-retardant PP material or UL-approved nylon PA66 plastic, and the fireproof grade is 94V-2. It has very good acid and corrosion resistance, high-efficiency insulation, aging resistance, super endurance, and can be used safely. The product has obtained ul certification and SGS environmental protection material certification. The plastic seal is a one-time deal. If it is sealed, it cannot be opened unless it is broken. It has excellent safety and cannot be used again after it is used up!

Suitable for multiple industries, high safety, and reliability! The anti-counterfeiting effect of plastic seals depends not only on their own material but also on their external structure.

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