How many types of plastic seals are there?

by:Liaoseal     2021-05-03

Lead seals are divided into several categories, including steel wire seals, plastic seals, high-security seals, etc., each of which has a variety of styles, and each style can be made of different materials. Lead seals It can be said that tens of thousands of different styles of products can be manufactured, and there are many varieties.

The primary raw material of plastic seals is plastic. The manufacturing cost is much cheaper than steel wire seals and high-security seals. Therefore, many customers will choose to use plastic seals. Other plastics have outstanding plasticity and can be used for the mass production of mold injection. The appearance of the seal is quite different, but the internal structure has a mystery.

It can be divided into two categories: one-time injection molding and injection welding molding. The price of one-time injection molding products is relatively low, and the price changes with the size of the style. The larger the style, the higher the price. The seals for one-time injection molding The head has a plastic inverted buckle during injection molding, which is only used to buckle the seal.

The plastic seal for injection welding is removed from the injection molding machine, the steel sheet is assembled, and then the hot melt crimping is performed after capping. The difference between the two is whether the seal head is equipped with a stainless steel sheet inverted buckle or not. After the stainless steel sheet is inverted, the seal will be pulled by the stainless steel sheet inverted when it is pulled out after being worn, and the seal will be broken if it is hard pulled.

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