How to deal with the damage of the container lead seal when used?

by:Liaoseal     2021-05-18

The most commonly used lead seal product on containers is the high-security seal. Since the high-security seal has the highest tensile strength, the value of the goods on the container is relatively large, so whether the container seal is normal The conditions of use need to be highly valued, so how to deal with the damage of container seals during use?

If it is found that the container lead seal (high security seal) is damaged due to various special reasons after leaving the factory, the container driver should immediately notify the factory, and the factory will organize relevant personnel to go to the designated address, pry open the container, carefully inventory the goods, and investigate carefully Whether there are missing boxes or remaining items present.

And inquire about the reason for the damage to the cargo delivery driver. Other sealing factories must have a spare high-security seal that meets the requirements. First, use the spare high-security seal to seal and take a few clear photos together. Please forwarder to provide new ones. The high security seal number of the company, and notify the change of the loading record, change the new high security seal, and inform the customer of this situation.

After the container enters the shipping port, it is necessary to carefully review whether the arrival information is consistent with the packing list information kept by our company. If there is any discrepancy, notify the freight forwarder immediately and find the reason. Relevant persons in charge should pay great attention to whether the container lead seal can be used normally, and the problem can be dealt with in a timely and correct manner when an unexpected situation occurs.

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