How to deal with the wrong number of container seals?

by:Liaoseal     2021-03-23
Many people sometimes mistake the number of the container seal when they use the container seal. Generally, the number of the container (seal) seal is always checked or the customs declarer makes the mistake, here First, let's look at the composition of the container seal number: The first part consists of 4 English letters. The first three codes (OwnerCode) mainly indicate the owner and operator of the container, and the fourth code indicates the type of container. For example, the standard containers started by CBHU are marked as COSCO Container Lines. The second part consists of 6 digits. It is the registration code of the container (RegistrationCode), used for the only identification held by a container. The third part is the check digit (CheckDigit) which is obtained by the first 4 letters and 6 digits through the check rule calculation, which is used to identify whether there is an error in the check. That is the 11th digit. The container seal number is composed of these three parts. Generally, the error occurs when the first part of the container seal number is wrong. If your container has not set sail, you can immediately change a container seal. , This is relatively simple. Assuming that the container has been pulled away, and it is discovered that the container seal number is wrong, then it is necessary to spend money to change it, and it will cost about 200 yuan to change the order. If the customs inspection of the destination port is inconsistent with the actual seal number and the bill of lading, the original general inspection may be changed to a thorough inspection. This will cost a lot higher, and it is also a reasonable trouble. Another way is to tell the consignee the wrong container seal number to him.
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