How to open the plastic seal

by:Liaoseal     2021-05-12

Plastic seals are mainly composed of plastic mouths and elastic plastic buckles. Through its structure, it is not difficult to find its function, which is to lock the plastic seals through serrated barbs so that the plastic seals cannot be pulled out. In our daily life, we often encounter boxes or other items locked by plastic seals, so today I will explain how to open plastic seals in detail.

The plastic seal we are talking about here is disposable, so it is impossible to open it perfectly without destroying the plastic seal. If it can be opened perfectly, it means that the plastic seal is not safe and exists. Quality issues. Plastic seals can be roughly divided into several categories: container plastic seals, court plastic seals, and security plastic seals. No matter what kind of seal we can use the following methods to open it.

1. It can be easily taken out after heating the entire plastic lead seal.

2. Enlarge the plastic lead seal and open it.

The above two methods may preserve the integrity of the plastic seal, but they do not damage the plastic seal at all. In fact, the plastic seal is disposable and it is not necessary to retain its integrity. The most direct way is to use scissors to cut it clearly.

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