How to open the seal?

by:Liaoseal     2021-03-14
Using the rules of blockade, seal and unpack, trucks and containers that should be sealed must be sealed and sealed (one-ton container can also be used with a seal ring), tankers and international transport trucks and The rulers are outside. There are two types of locks: FS type (shaped) and FSP straight (circular). FS type lock is composed of lock head, lock core and lock sleeve. The lock head and the lock core are connected by a steel wire rope, which is a straight rod after being locked, which is used for sealing various types of containers. FSP type lock is composed of two parts: a lock core and a lock sleeve. The lock core and the lock sleeve are connected by a wire rope. When locking, the lock core is pierced straight into the lock hole of the lock sleeve. After being locked, it becomes a ring shape and is used for boxcars. , Sealing of refrigerated trucks. All types of lock sleeves are printed with a steel stamp on the plane of the seal number, station name, and the abbreviation of the station name in parentheses (the shipper’s own lock is replaced by the shipper number or dedicated line number), and the outer section of the lock sleeve Printed on the factory symbol. Seal number, each station or group of 6 digits cyclically used. Use a truck with a blockade and seal, use thick iron wires to tighten the lower part of the door and the nose of the door on both sides, and apply a blockade on the upper part of each door. After the seal is applied, the lock status of the seal shall be checked, and it shall be recognized that the lock is effective and the door cannot be opened. Mark the lock and its sealing number on the goods waybill, truck loading list, or shipping receipt envelope. The sealing of trucks with only one door buckle on each side of the door structure shall be treated as the upper sealing. When the upper part of the door is damaged or the re-seal must be sealed at the lower part of the buckle on the way, the sealing unit (or the entrusted sealing unit) shall prepare a general record certificate.
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