How to open the steel wire seal

by:Liaoseal     2021-05-04

Since the development of the lead seal profession, many different varieties have been classified. These lead seals can be divided into plastic seals, wire seals, high-security seals, and exterior seals according to the materials and professions used, and the wire seals in between can be said to be The most widely used lead seal product. According to the method of application, steel wire seals can be roughly divided into three categories: tightening steel wire seals, two-end bolt-type steel wire seals, and rocker-type steel wire seals.

They also have different shapes due to different methods of use. Take the tightening steel wire seal, for example, this steel wire seal is the most widely used one because it has ABS plastic wrap and aerospace-grade steel wire rope deployment. It has strong corrosion resistance and sturdiness. It is often used in valves and oils. Tank trucks and cargo boxes are first class.

The steel wire seal is a one-time lead sealing product. Its existence plays a vital role in proving whether the container has been opened. Therefore, once the steel wire seal is sealed, it is not allowed to open privately under non-special circumstances. of. The method of turning over the steel wire seal is very simple. You only need to prepare a pair of wire pliers in advance and aim at the part of the steel wire that needs to be cut, then the steel wire seal can be easily opened. The cut steel wire seal cannot be used again, so please pay attention when opening it.

As far as the current types of steel wire seals are concerned, there are roughly two types of tightening steel wire seals and plug-in steel wire seals at both ends. There are also two types of wrapping materials outside the lock: ABS plastic wrap and aluminum alloy metal wrap. Their opening methods are the same, but they need to choose different types of wire cutters to open according to the thickness of the steel wire.

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