How to prevent counterfeiting of container seals in general?

by:Liaoseal     2021-04-14
Following the continuous development of RFID technology this year, the Internet of Things approach is getting closer and closer to us, integrating the use of chips into all aspects of life. Safety seals have nearly 20 years of professional experience in producing lead seals, and will also vigorously develop the application of RFID technology in lead seal products. Now it has been announced that it contains lead-sealed products with chips. Such as steel wire seals, plastic seals, container seals, electronic lead seals, smart locks, etc. When it comes to container seals, these types of seal products often appear in our lives. Large containers used in factories or logistics shipments, and small trucks transported by small home appliances stores require high-security seals to seal them. In the past, lead seals often only had the function of sealing and preventing theft. If you want to prevent counterfeiting, you need to customize special models. But now if you want anti-counterfeiting, you only need to add another high-frequency chip to achieve it. When you need to check the authenticity of the high-security seal, you only need to use the handheld to scan the chip's information. It can be used to confirm whether the high security seal has been copied. The Internet of Things technology promotes the development of products such as lead seals, facilitates people's production and life methods, and adds new colors to the more intelligent days in the future.
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