How to properly remove disposable seals

by:Liaoseal     2021-04-17
Disposable plastic seals are disposable products, and they cannot be recycled, whether they are tied or symbols. Otherwise there would be no place for its meaning. If it can be used up and removed, then the symbol or the tied object can be interchanged at will, and it will not play the role of preventing theft and tampering. Many people do not know how to use or remove this product. I can see it at a glance! First of all, you must calculate whether the seal is suitable for your use. For example, the LT-SL300B style is used to close the tail box door of a truck, whether the length is sufficient, and whether the jack of the box door is large enough (the width of the LT-SL300B cable strap is 4.6mm). Normally, the length of 300mm is long enough, and the aperture of the door is generally above 5mm. It can also be used on shoes or clothing. The symbol function is to be long enough, and the eyes of the shoes are also large enough; for example, the LT-SL200P can be used for symbol binding of wires, and the diameter of the binding can be as low as 2mm. Secondly, notice that there is usually an arrow on the seal sign, perhaps the word ENTER, which indicates that the seal cord is inserted from this side. If it doesn’t fit in, it will be unable to pull in or tighten, and the LT-SL300B will directly retreat. This is completely out of line with normal use. But this is generally the situation presented by laymen.
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