How to reduce the cost of using lead seals?

by:Liaoseal     2021-10-14

There are many kinds of lead seals, and there are various types. Different materials can produce lead seals with different characteristics. This also makes the price of lead seals high and low, and the strength of sealing varies. How to reduce the application cost of the lead seal and make the most of the lead seal.

1. Choose a suitable seal for packaging equipment. When choosing a seal, you should not only focus on the pull of the seal but also pay attention to its sealing tools. If we apply elegant steel wire seals to the woven sacks that have been loaded with goods, it seems that the goods can be sealed very well, but the quality of the seal is neglected. Plastic seals can be used to seal but steel wire seals are used. Not only does the application cost increase, but the cost will also increase. Choosing the right seal to seal can save a lot of application costs.

2. Lead sealing products should be purchased from the same manufacturer for a long time. Because there are many types of lead seals, lead sealing manufacturers rarely have all types of lead seals, and the profit of lead seals is low. It is difficult to find a suitable one after abandoning one. of. Therefore, long-term purchase of lead seals from the same manufacturer can not only reduce costs but also have better after-sales service.

20 Types of lead seals can be replaced with different types of lead seals according to needs. If it is only the binding of the goods, the binding of the equipment (to avoid being used), etc., plastic seals can be used to seal the articles, and there is no need to use wire seals. But these are only the goods that are not necessary to be sealed with excessive security.

To sum up, in order to reduce the application cost of seals, we must start from the industry in which we apply, explore the real needs of the industry, and choose accurate and suitable seals, which can not only achieve the usual application of seals but also reduce lead. Application cost of the closure.

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