How to seal the lead to be safe?

by:Liaoseal     2021-04-25
Lead seal is the collective term for all seals. After years of development, the types are constantly updated and the performance is constantly being improved, and there are many changes in uses and usage. So how to seal so many types of lead seals safely? Currently, the types of lead seals have reached dozens of styles and hundreds of styles. Although there are various styles, their ultimate purpose is to seal the goods and equipment. The only difference is their sealing method , The incorrect sealing method will cause the lead seal to be incompletely used, and the cargo equipment cannot be effectively sealed. The main types of seals on the market include steel wire seals, plastic seals, instrument seals, high-security seals, electronic smart seals, metal seals, and ordinary seals. Once the lead seal is properly locked, it cannot be opened unless it is violently destroyed (ie, cut), and the damaged lead seal cannot be reused. Take the steel wire seal, it is more commonly used in such places as tank truck sealing, wellhead, valve and so on. When using it, you only need to select the right site and pass the steel wire through the goods and equipment to be sealed. , And then pass through the keyhole to complete the sealing of the goods and equipment. It needs to be checked again after sealing to ensure the safety of sealing. The high-security seal has two types, anti-rotation and non-rotation, and the quality is the same, depending on where it is used. When using high-security seals, you must also pay attention to these issues. The seemingly simple push-type operation can not tolerate a slight error in fact. After the high-security seals are sealed on the container, you should pay attention to whether they are false. The high security seal with a false buckle looks like a sealed seal from the outside, but it will actually fall off easily during transportation. The lead seal seems to be an inconspicuous thing, and it plays a crucial role in the safety and protection system of electric power, oil, aviation and navigation, and port transportation. From this point of view, the most important thing for the sealing of the lead seal is not the sealing method, but the careful inspection after sealing. Simple operations often make people overlook the importance of inspection. Carefully check the sealing ability after sealing. It is the safest way to seal.
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