How to use lead seals more safely?

by:Liaoseal     2021-07-24

Lead seal products have experienced many years of development, and the varieties have been increasing and perfected. As of now, there are hundreds of styles of lead seal products on the market. So many styles have the same effect, which is to the goods and equipment. The only difference in sealing is their sealing method.

Faced with these various types of lead security seals products, how to seal them safely?

The common types of seals include steel wire seals, plastic seals, high-security seals, and exterior seals. Take wire seals as an example. They are more commonly used in areas such as tanker seals, wellheads, valves, etc., and only need to select the right place of use when using them.

After passing the steel wire through the goods and equipment to be sealed, pass the keyhole to complete the sealing of the goods and equipment. After sealing, you need to check it from the beginning to ensure the safety of sealing. When using high-security seals, pay attention to these issues. The seemingly simple pressing operation cannot tolerate a trace of fault in practice. After the high-security seals are sealed on the container, attention should be paid to whether they are falsely buckled.

The high security seal of the false buckle looks like a seal from the outside. In practice, it is easy to fall during the transportation process. From this point of view, the most important thing about the seal is not the method of sealing, but the method of sealing. Careful inspection after sealing, simple operations often make people neglect the importance of inspection. Careful inspection of the lead seal after sealing is the safest way to seal.

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