How to use lead seals to prevent disassembly of plastic wine barrels

by:Liaoseal     2021-04-08
Plastic wine barrels usually have holes in the lid, which is convenient for merchants to tie up with plastic rope or steel wire, so that the wine barrels will not leak the wine during transportation. However, this method is only suitable for short-distance transportation, and for long-distance transportation of plastic wine barrels, if they are only tied with steel wires, they will inevitably be opened and stolen. In order to prevent this from happening, it is recommended that wine merchants use lead seals for sealing. How does the lead seal prevent disassembly? In fact, the lead seal also has a slender wire rope, which is used to penetrate the hole at the lid of the wine barrel, and then it is inserted into the keyhole and sealed to form a closed loop. The lead seal cannot be opened normally after it is sealed. If you want to open the lead seal, you can only destroy it. The damaged lead seal cannot be used again, and the lead seal has a fixed number on it, which can effectively prevent counterfeiting. Compared with plastic rope or steel wire, the use of lead seals to prevent disassembly can prevent the theft of alcohol to the greatest extent.
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