How to use plastic seals with container seals?

by:Liaoseal     2021-05-15

The plastic seal we often say is an accessory made of plastic to fix wires, cables and other lines. The plastic seal is composed of two parts. One end is a square plastic mouth with a hook-shaped elastic plastic buckle inside, and the other end is a plastic seal body with serrations, which can be bent through the front plastic mouth to form a ring Wear, the belt of similar pants can be used to tie cables.

Because the serrations on the seal strip can be tightly fitted with the elastic plastic buckle inside the plastic opening, the plastic seal can have a very strong fixing effect.

But the container seal is a lock of the container, but it can only be used once. After opening it, it breaks and can no longer be used. There is a title on it, which is unique. If the number on the container seal that the customer gets is the same as that on the bill of lading, it means that the container has not been opened and the goods are intact. It is not a mark. The mark refers to the packaging and printing symbols of the goods. It is not the same job.

The new type of lead seal (blocking), as a kind of anti-theft lock (identification mark), has now been used in more and more categories. How to correctly choose and use a new type of lead seal (impose blockade)? First of all, we must choose a manufacturer with a guaranteed quality promise (products without a guaranteed quality promise will not be locked tightly and will not prevent theft) and sign a contract before ordering.

It is important to require manufacturers to promise that they will not provide third parties with a new type of seal with the same logo and number. Try not to choose products of the same scale/color that are produced by multiple manufacturers (simple to be copied).

Any product has a certain manufacturing cost, and some low-priced products must pay attention to the steel wire seal when purchasing.

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