How to use steel wire seals

by:Liaoseal     2021-04-05
The plastic head has six corners and a steel wire rope is attached to the back. Assuming that is the case, let me tell you how this kind of lead seal is made. The container steel wire seal, the plastic hexagon is wrapped with a hexagonal iron core, the iron core has a straight through hole, and the straight hole is drilled with a 45 Put a bead into the diagonal hole of a degree. Put a small spring to withstand that, and then seal the spring, the steel wire seal, do you understand the principle, the tight steel wire seal, the steel wire is inserted into the straight hole, and it can be inserted against it (to run the top ), if you follow along, you will get stuck as soon as you pull the wire (roll down). Suppose you want to loosen the wire. Unless a thin and hard object is inserted along the wire, the bead is held up and the bead is not allowed to roll down, then the wire can be pulled out. A professional manufacturer integrating Ru0026D, production, and sales of container seals. Once sealed, plastic seals and other products cannot be opened, which is extremely safe. Customs steel wire seals are suitable for containers, cashier boxes, meter boxes, bonded vehicles and other security protection systems. Research and development. There are a variety of seal series to meet the needs of different customers. We specialize in producing plastic seals, steel wire seals, high-security seals, nylon signs, cable ties, cable ties, crimp caps, closed terminals, power cord buckles and other products. Suitable for logistics, aviation, finance, electronics, electrical appliances, packaging, etc.
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