Lead seal is actually a commonly used seal

by:Liaoseal     2021-03-21
Lead seal is actually a kind of seal. It is used to seal various containers. Once sealed, it cannot be opened easily unless it is forced to open, so lead seal is like giving goods A seal is affixed and cannot be opened without permission. Some legal issues may also be involved, such as a seal sealed by customs. I firmly refuse to open it, otherwise it will cause offense. And with the advancement of science and technology, the seal is constantly being updated, and its update speed is synchronized with the speed of science and technology development. The prototype of the lead seal is the seal used to seal or seal the box in ancient times, with words written on the seal. Unauthorized opening is prohibited, and the principle of lead sealing is the same. After the development, a plastic lead seal appeared again. It was made of plastic and mainly composed of two parts. One side was a square mouth with an elastic plastic button inside, and the other side was a plastic seal. In this way, a good binding effect can be achieved. With the continuous development of technology, digital seals have emerged. It is a new type of seal developed on the basis of the original seal. It has a good anti-theft function due to the integrated electronic chip. It can be seen that the replacement of lead seals is very fast.
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