Points to note when choosing a high security seal lock

by:Liaoseal     2021-04-19
Purchase high-security seal locks-introduction to the key points of lead seals. For this knowledge, we should know that seal locks-lead seals have control risks in logistics and transportation and various safety protection industries. Reduce losses and play a key role in risk prevention. Therefore, customers should pay special attention to the following factors when purchasing seal lock products: 1. First of all, we must choose a manufacturer with guaranteed quality and credit (the product without quality and credit guarantee is not tightly locked to prevent theft). The manufacturer must regulate the quality control process, raw material procurement, product testing and other links. Possess advanced production technology and research and development capabilities. Second, sign a contract before ordering. It is very important to require the manufacturer to promise that it will not provide a third party with a lead seal with the same logo and number, and sometimes a confidentiality agreement must be signed. Three, try not to use products of the same size/color produced by multiple manufacturers (it is easy to be copied and imitated, which brings the convenience of imitation to some illegal attempts, thus losing the real sense of anti-counterfeiting). Products that have been in circulation for too long in the market should not be used. At the same time, manufacturers with technological advantages and Ru0026D capabilities generally develop more advanced products on a regular basis to meet market demands. Four, any product has a certain manufacturing cost, and some low-priced products must be paid attention to when purchasing (some manufacturers cut corners to reduce costs). Five, inspect the actual production scale and actual production capacity of the manufacturer to ensure timely and fast delivery. We will continue to bring you more knowledge about the safety seal lock-lead seal, so stay tuned
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