RFID chips are not only used in electronic seals, but also in building houses

by:Liaoseal     2021-10-08

At present, we only know that RFID chips exist in electronic seals. With the development of the economy, various industries have more and more demands for electronic seals. Of course, the requirements for RFID chips are becoming stricter. But it is not only the electronic seals containing RFID chips, but also the use of RFID chips in the construction industry! RFID chips were first used in the construction industry in Shanghai. The COFCO No. Every wall panel and beam and column also carries an ID card, which is an RFID chip. After the built-in chip, you can see the prefabricated parts from stone, concrete, to a wall by simply 'scanning' with a smart device. A series of information such as who produced it, when it produced it, who hoisted it, and when it was inspected.

This kind of visual platform manages the whole process of construction, like an invisible assembly line, any problem in any link can quickly find out where the problem is. The application of RFID chips in buildings makes us feel the development of science and technology nowadays. After the RFID chip is used on the lead seal, the full name of the goods can be tracked. Container seals, plastic seals, steel wire seals, etc. can be equipped with electronic seals. The application of electronic seals will be a development trend in the future. Now many seal manufacturers Electronic seals are also being vigorously developed, and it is believed that electronic seals will be as popular as ordinary seals in the near future.

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