Talking about the manufacturing and assembly process of steel wire seal

by:Liaoseal     2021-04-12
The steel wire seal mesh skeleton plastic composite pipe is a new type of pipe made of high-strength steel wire seals entangled around the pipes as a reinforcing frame, and the surface and the back are made of high-density polyethylene as the matrix, which is compounded by continuous extrusion. The life experience of the steel wire seal mesh skeleton plastic composite pipe escapes the world. It will make the large-diameter plastic pipes difficult to bear pressure. The above-mentioned characteristics of this product make it have broad and unrestrained growth prospects in municipal water supply, especially in medicine, petroleum and chemical industries. The steel wire seal is not suitable for its structure. The steel wire seal net skeleton plastic (PE) composite pipe is higher than PVC, PE, PP-R pipes in terms of bearing and pressure resistance. The thickness of this product under the same pressure is lower than that of pure plastic. pipeline. The phenomenon of resistance to stress cracking and rapid increase in resistance to the phenomenon of pipe dominance. The creep resistance function has achieved advancement, and the long-term dominance reliability has also been guaranteed. It not only preserves the splendid pressure-bearing function of the steel pipe, but also possesses the splendid plastic pipe's anticipation, ease of installation, reliable handwork, and long service life.
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