The lead seal of the container is intact, why is there less cargo in the container?

by:Liaoseal     2021-07-30

The container was sealed and shipped on board, but when it arrived at the destination, it was found that there was no cargo in the shipping container seals, but the customs seal was still intact. On the eve of the Spring Festival, a foreign trade agency in Ningbo encountered such a strange thing, and five consecutive batches of containers had the same problem, and the loss of goods was nearly 600,000 yuan.

How did the thief steal things? The export goods encountered high-tech theft. The problem was that at the end of last year, the foreign trade company represented a batch of various polyester fabrics exported to Dubai, the Middle East, UAE.

After the container with complete formalities and complete customs seals was transported to the port of destination and opened, people were surprised to find that the goods inside were greatly missing, and the same happened for five consecutive shipments. The foreign trade company faced international claims as a result. The head of the company couldn't figure it out while having a headache. Even the police confirmed that the procedures in the port area were safe, and there was no trace of the customs seal being opened. The smartest thief is also the dumbest. Since the various procedures in the port area are safe, and the goods are complete when they are shipped, the police confirmed that the most likely time to commit the crime is on the escort road, and the escorts for these batches of goods are in the incident. After missing.

The police quickly captured five Anhui escorts through technical means. It was them who committed the crime. The methods they accounted for made the police also surprised: 'I haven't encountered such a bold method of theft before.' The container door was completely unloaded. They designed a complete plan. First, they pretended that the transportation company defrauded the trust of the foreign trade company at a low price and obtained the right of escort.

The goods were on board for transportation. They chose a location and drove the container truck here at lunchtime. The accomplices had already prepared the tools. In order not to damage the customs seals on the containers, they actually used special tools to carry the weights. The entire container door weighing several hundred kilograms was completely dismantled, and the cargo inside was stolen.

In order to prevent the container from being too light for the cargo owners to discover, they do not steal all the goods in a container. Finally, they used a special tool to reinstall the container door, and no flaws were visible on the outside. (The specific tools are inconvenient to disclose, so as not to imitate.) The police said that the thief was skillful and the entire disassembly process only took 1 hour, which seemed to have been drilled.

Precautionary measures--Is there any way to prevent electronic (RFID) smart seals against this high-tech theft? The police said that foreign trade companies may wish to install a chip GPS positioning system on the seals, so that the escort can be monitored throughout the process The running process and trajectory of the vehicle, if it is found that the vehicle deviates from the normal route or stays for too long, there must be a problem and you can call the police. In addition, do not hire irregular escort companies and escorts for cheap, and try to hire vehicles from regular companies.

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