The origin of the lead seal

by:Liaoseal     2021-09-27

Lead seals have existed since ancient times, but in ancient times they were not called lead seals, they were called seals. The development of the lead sealing industry has experienced many twists and turns, and today I will share with you the origin of lead sealing. In ancient times, merchants often affixed a strip of sticker on the container, which is similar to the current lead seal, which is to prevent the goods from being stolen and exchanged in the middle. There are only three types of people who can hold seals: cargo owners, customs, and shipping companies.

The degree of counterfeiting of traditional seals is conceivable. Due to conditions, such high security seal must be identified by visual inspection. Some forged details are not easy to be discovered. It is difficult to achieve the desired effect. With the development of seals, the current lead seals have appeared. The current lead seals mainly include steel wire seals, high-security seals, plastic seals, instrument seals, iron sheet seals, disposable plastic padlocks, etc. The anti-counterfeiting technology has also developed along with the development, according to customers Print unique logos, codes, QR codes, etc.

Even so, the technology of imitating seals is also developing. Modern seals still cannot escape the fate of being imitated, but compared with ancient seals, it is a leap forward. Now in the seal industry, the general trend of electronic seals has come. The electronic seals adopt RFID radio frequency identification technology. Each seal corresponds to a globally unique RFID chip number, a unique global serial number, and a unique encrypted serial number. It is impossible It is imitated and can be reused, but the cost of this kind of electronic seal is relatively high. At present, the traditional seal still occupies a dominant position.

The scope of traditional seals is relatively wide. According to their uses, they are mainly divided into court seals, security seals, and container seals. According to the material, there are mainly: plastic seals, paper seals, metal seals, electronic seals, etc. I believe that in the future, the seal industry will make greater progress.

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