The structure and use requirements of the lead seal

by:Liaoseal     2021-09-16

There are various styles of lead seals, and the structure of each style is different. Today, I will share with you the structure and use requirements of lead seals! In layman's terms, there are generally four types of lead seal structures:

1. Transparent upper cover

The transparent upper cover is relatively thin, which mainly plays a firm role.

2. Shell

The material of the shell is generally ABS plastic, transparent and shiny.

3. Stainless steel lock core

Stainless steel lock cylinders are generally composed of springs and steel balls, and the color and appearance of the lock cylinders can also be customized. When using lead seals, there are also requirements for sealing personnel. Drivers can only seal the tank mouth of the vehicle on the spot, and cannot automatically lead seal without permission.

If it is found that there is an agenda in the lead seal, it should be sealed and stored on the spot immediately and signed by the customer for confirmation. It should also be reported to the shipper and handed over to the shipper for processing. When resealing the seal, the customer should also be notified, and if necessary, seal the seal together. Sealing personnel does not have the right to unseal a normally sealed seal.

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