The use and development trend of plastic seals

by:Liaoseal     2021-05-02

A plastic seal is actually a kind of maintenance label. It is used to affix a plastic seal when the product leaves the factory so that you can know that a product has not been opened before, which is beneficial to protect the legitimate rights and interests of customers. Plastic seals are now used in many products. Now, trusting us is no stranger.

Each plastic seal has a number. The primary effect of the plastic seal code is to distinguish goods or for marking. The code of plastic seals is basically composed of 11 numeric letters or symbols. , These 11 numeric letters or symbols are divided into 3 parts.

The first part of the plastic seal number consists of 4 English letters. The first three codes first clarify the owner and operator of the container, and the fourth code clarifies the type of container. For example, the original standard container of CBHU is marked with the owner and operator of COSCO Container Lines. The second part of the plastic seal number consists of 6 digits. It is the container registration code, used for the only identification held by a container.

The third part of the plastic seal number is the check code, which is obtained from the first 4 letters and 6 digits through the calculation of the check rules, which is used to identify whether any errors occurred during the check. Plastic seal number: After the goods are loaded, a 'lock' is added to the container. It is actually a plastic seal. Each plastic seal has a number. As long as the plastic seal is damaged, it can be opened to see the related goods inside. of.

Following the rapid economic development of plastic sealing, traffic has gradually increased, and the value of products has also increased. The market demand is to continuously add seals. Before sealing it, it involves handwritten paper seals. Many shipping companies and packaging companies reuse the first impression. Seals not only bring convenience to people but also make our staff more Standard process operations are therefore done to ensure industrial safety and promote social reconciliation.

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