The use characteristics of plastic seals

by:Liaoseal     2021-07-22

Custom numbered security seals are a common lead sealing product. It appears in our daily life and is of great help to our workday. People always confuse plastic seals with cable ties, but in practice, they are quite different. Plastic seals are very different from cable ties in terms of material, appearance, and function. It can be said that disposable plastic seals are a completely upgraded version of cable ties.

The commonly used materials of plastic seals are PP, PC, PE, and other materials, which can be injection molded by different molds to make the nameplate of the plastic seal much larger than the cable tie. And can add laser engraving powder to plastic seals. Be able to laser engrave the required text and barcode, and use the handheld terminal to check and calculate in the later stage. There are many more locking methods using functional plastic seals than cable ties, and cable ties only need ordinary toothed belt buckles.

The plastic seal has a variety of locking methods such as snap-on, bolt-on, and tightening. And the current plastic seals will add stainless steel sheets to the locks to prevent man-made damage and deliberate withdrawal of the seals. The practical effect is safer than cable ties. The function of the plastic seal: The internal shrapnel of the plastic seal is made of A3 stainless steel, which is strong, has an excellent heat resistance and corrosion resistance.

After the seal is locked, the seal tape acts with the shrapnel, and the pulling force is twice as large as that of the general one-time molding product, which makes the closed and sealed box more secure and can effectively prevent the goods from being dropped. The plastic seal is packed in a thick PE transparent packaging bag, and the outer packaging is affixed with a printed digital label, which allows customers to access the product more conveniently and intuitively. The quality of the plastic seal is reliable, environmentally friendly, no toxic gas is released, and the staff will not be allergic to contact with their hands.

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