The use of lead seals is very large

by:Liaoseal     2021-04-03
Nowadays, the use of lead seals is very large. It is often seen in the days. When I was visiting the mall yesterday, I saw a plastic seal tied between two protective fences to achieve a fixed connection. I often see wire seals used on truck doors on the road. The application field of lead seal is very wide. It ranges from container seals used by customs to small plastic seals used in daily life. They are one of many lead sealing products, so what kind of lead sealing product will be used on the tank truck? The use of lead seals on tank trucks is to prevent oil stealing during the oil product distribution process. It has a practical effect in reducing the loss of oil products at gas stations, so as to reduce the loss of oil products as much as possible. As for the lead seal of this kind of fuel tanker, ABS is generally used to wrap the steel wire seal of the metal lock. ABS plastic wrap can reduce the corrosion of the oil to the steel wire seal and improve the safety of protection. The sealer will tighten the seal to the tightest when using the steel wire seal of the tanker, then cut off the remaining steel wire and take a photo of the sealed seal. The intent of this is to prevent the hands and feet of those who are stolen from the lead seal, and to ensure that there is no loss of oil during transportation. The steel wire seals sealed on the tank truck can only be recovered by the unloading personnel in the receiving area. After the unloading personnel unanimously recover and register, the effect of the lead seal of the tank truck is completely finished.
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