Tips for using container seals

by:Liaoseal     2021-07-28

Cargo security seals are not allowed to be opened at will, and they are legally responsible. Generally, the customs will impose a seal in the following two situations: First, the customs will open the box for inspection. Customs inspection means that the customs officers open the container or take out all of it for inspection. In order to prevent the cargo owner from thinking that it was illegally inspected by others, a customs seal is attached to notify the owner. This is the customs inspection.

It is also necessary to write down the customs seal number on the customs inspection records. The second is customs transit. Customs transit means that the goods imported from the port customs are forwarded to the inland customs for declaration. The container number is the only identification number of the container body. The seal may be changed during the transportation of the container, that is, there may be multiple seals during the transportation.

The bill of lading number is related to the goods in the container. There may be one or more than one. In other words, there is no quantity restriction for goods with multiple bills of lading in a container. If the container (container) contains only one cargo, then there is only one bill of lading number, one container number, and one seal number. If it is a combination of bulk cargo, then the bill of lading number is as many as there are goods, and the container number and the seal number are only one.

The container seal number is not given by the customs or the terminal. It belongs to the shipowner. The unit entrusted by the shipper collects it at the terminal when the empty container arrives at the terminal. It is from a different shipping company. The numbering method of the container seal number is different. The container seal number and the seal are one-to-one correspondence. After the factory has installed the container, the seal should be locked by itself.

Identifies the number of goods loaded before the cabinet door is locked. The terminal will also record the cabinet information when the heavy cabinet is returned to the site. The factory cannot change the seal at will. One way is that after the cabinet is shipped to the port of destination, the seal number and the conditional seal number of the cabinet are the same, and the seal number is intact.

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